When and How to Eat Food ? Ultimate Ayurvedic Diet Plan

There is only one diet plan, which has been discussed in every Ayurvedic text. It has been said that if someone follows this diet plan properly, then he will never have to go to the doctor. Not only this, due to wrong habits and eating habits, whatever damage has been done to the body, will also be compensated by this diet plan.

So what is this diet plan in which your diet becomes your medicine? Ayurveda is probably such a medicine that not only emphasizes on eating, but also on when and how to eat it.

Right Food at Right time

If the most nutritious diet of this earth is also taken at the wrong time, then it will also go into the body and cause harm. This deep understanding gives Ayurveda the ability to eradicate the biggest diseases from the root. How should our diet be every day so that the diseases themselves get cured? This is what we are going to discuss in this video.

The first thing you should know is the time when the sun rises and sets in your place. This is the time duration during which you should eat food. This is because our digestion is dependent on the sun.

According to Ayurveda, our digestive power increases with the rising sun. When the sun is at the top, then the digestive process is also at the top and decreases with the setting sun. Ayurveda says that if food is eaten after the sun sets, it will not be digested properly.

This food makes toxins in the body, which leads to diseases. So now you know that there is a regular time to eat food. Rest of the time you should not eat anything.

This intermittent fasting, which is a popular diet, may seem like that. Although there is a lot of difference between the two, because here you do not decide the window of eating food, but nature decides for you. Intermittent fasting may help in weight loss, but this diet, which is completely according to the rules of nature, will also balance your body, mind and soul.

Weight loss is a very small thing. After sunset, according to Ayurveda, only milk can be drunk. This is because the digestive enzymes needed for milk are formed in abundance after sunset.

Milk is a natural sedative, which makes it very sleepy. Now that you know your eating window, you can keep breakfast, lunch and dinner according to your own. According to Ayurveda, breakfast should be like a king.

Lunch is like a prince and dinner is like a beggar. But there is a difference in its meaning. Breakfast in the morning like a king means that the king does not have a shortage of money, but due to the increasing age, the digestion has stopped.

That’s why you have to think and choose your food. Light breakfast, but still it should have all the nutrients in abundance. Then lunch is like a prince.

The prince, who is the son of the king, does not have a shortage of money and due to his youth, his digestion is also fast. That’s why Ayurveda says that lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. Yes, this is the time when the sun is at its peak.

So if you feel like partying or eating something outside, then choose lunch time. Then dinner should be like a beggar. Because the sun is about to set, our body will not be able to digest much food.

That’s why dinner should be the lightest. According to Ayurveda, there are some foods that should not be taken at all after sunset. These include bananas, radishes, curd and cucumber.

Due to their cold nature, it is very difficult to digest at night. Now I understand how much to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner, but what to eat? Bakhu has also told what are the ideal characteristics of food in the eyes of Ayurveda. Whatever food you eat, you should check five boxes.

It should be Satvik, seasonal, local, fresh and tasty. What is this Satvik? Satvik food made from the word Satva is good for the body and mind. According to Ayurveda, there are three types of food.

Quality of Food – Vital issue

Satvik, Rajasic and Tamasic. Satvik food can be called wholesome foods in modern language. These include fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, seeds, milk products of local cows, whole grains and lentils.

These are found directly from Mother Nature and are nutritious for both body and mind. Now when all these foods are eaten with a lot of salt, sugar, spices or very cold or very hot for the taste of the tongue, then these only disturb the mind. They are called Rajasic.

Then comes Tamasic food. These are considered as a symbol of ignorance. These include frozen foods, stale food, intoxicating food, preservatives-filled packaged food and all meat-eating foods.

Eating these affects both body and mind. So the more Satvik your food is, the better it is for you. The next important quality of food is that it should be seasonal.

Ayurveda emphasizes that we should eat only what is in season, not what is in fashion. Take only mangoes. If they are not in season, they can be sour and if you eat them, they can be acidic.

Trust on Local products

Similarly, whatever is in season will be nutritious for your body. So go to your local vegetable market, see what is in season and buy it. The third quality is that the food should be local.

That is why I have always suggested to eat coconuts instead of avocados. There is no doubt that avocados are healthy, but they are foreign. The deep reason behind this is that why nature grows only a few types of fruits and vegetables in one place.

They are the best for the people there. The food that can grow within a radius of 100 km of your house, they can also be absorbed well in your body. Don’t you know which foods are seasonal and local? One simple hack is to go to your nearest shop and the fruits and vegetables that are the cheapest will mostly be seasonal and local.

Next, the food should be fresh. In a shloka of Bhagavad Gita, it is said that you should eat food within 3 hours of cooking. The fresher the food, the healthier it will be for you.

That is why the salad of vegetables kept in the fridge will also harm you. Finally, the food should be tasty. Ayurveda clearly says that the food that you don’t find tasty, it cannot nourish you.

That is why the belief that healthy food is not tasty is wrong. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should start eating Maggi. Anyway, it has been mentioned in the first 4 boxes.

Quantity of Food – Must check it

I guess now you are quite clear about which food is the best for us. Now, the next question arises that how much food should we eat? For this, Ayurveda says that you don’t need to ask any dietician. In fact, ask your own stomach.

Our scriptures say that if someone eats food carefully, then his stomach itself signals how much food is enough. At the same time, if someone uses a TV and eats in front of a phone laptop or while talking, then he will miss those signs of satisfaction. That is why avoid calorie counting.

Just eat as much as you are hungry. This is also applicable for water. How much water you should drink in a day depends on your own need.

Liquid Food – Big role

Listen to your body. Whenever you are thirsty, sip and drink. We get enough water from fruits and vegetables.

However, there is a time when you should drink water without thirst. That is as soon as you wake up in the morning. In Ayurveda, it is called Ushapan.

It is said that when we sleep at night, the body heals. Due to which toxins gather at one place. Then when we wake up in the morning and drink water, these toxins come out of our intestines very easily.

At this time, you should drink at least one to two glasses of water. You should go to freshen up as soon as you drink water. I think with all these things, you must have become quite clear how to combine your diet with Mother Nature.

To summarize, drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Get fresh. And after that, whatever you eat should be between sunrise and sunset.

Breakfast should be like Raja (King). Nutritious but light. Lunch should be the heaviest. Dinner should be the lightest. Some foods should not be eaten after sunset.

You can eat raw vegetables salad before the main meal. Not later. Milk is such a thing that should be drunk after sunset.

So this was your Ayurvedic diet plan for the whole day. If you fix your diet as per Mother Nature’s rules, then diseases will never be able to touch you. And because your body will get plenty of time to heal itself in this diet plan, so if there are any health issues, they will also be cured.

As it is said in Chandogya Upanishad, Try it for a few days and you will feel the difference. If you found this article helpful, please share it to your friends.

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