In this Article I will  discuss about 5 foods that you should not eat in the night.  It need to say that, I will discuss about such foods that are healthy for dinner. Eating at night is the most sensitive meal of the day. If eaten in the day, the body works for once. But after sunset, when the digestive power of the body becomes weak, if you eat wrong at that time, then your body has to suffer a lot. It is a long way to eat junk food at night. There are some very healthy foods.

If you eat them at night, then the digestive system of the body becomes heavy. If you include these foods regularly in dinner, then you will gain weight. The glow of the face will be reduced. Hair problems may occur. You may have trouble sleeping at night. You will always feel tired. Some serious diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure may also start. So let’s talk about 5 foods that you should not eat after sunset. And along with that, we will talk about some healthy dinner foods.

Let’s start with Food Number 5 : Green leafy vegetables.

 When it comes to iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, the name of essential micronutrients such as green leafy vegetables is taken first. But because green leafy vegetables have a lot of cellulose fiber, it is also a little difficult to digest them for the stomach. You must have seen that if you eat vegetables at night, then gas starts to form.

According to Ayurveda, green leafy vegetables should be avoided at night. Because it can cause constipation in the stomach. You may have trouble sleeping. You may have a headache. You may have loose motions. But if you want to take advantage of green leafy vegetables at night, then the first thing is that they should not be raw, but cooked.

The second thing that is very important is that in the case of green leafy vegetables, less is more beneficial. It means that eating a little leaves will be more beneficial than eating more leaves. Now, as you are making roti at night, then knead 2-4 leaves in the flour.

Similarly, while making lentils, add a few leaves to the lentils. You can also add it to the rice. The point is that do not make a complete vegetable of green leaves.

Therefore, avoid nutritious vegetables such as spinach, cottage cheese, saag, and potatoes and fenugreek for dinner and eat them for lunch. In this way, your body will be able to digest green leafy vegetables well, as a result of which you will also get their full benefits.

Number 4 is salad.

Do you want to lose weight? Just eat salad for dinner and go to sleep. But you don’t have to go through this torture, because eating salad for dinner is not a healthy choice. In fact, it can be unhealthy.  But why? Salad is very low in calories. That’s because salad is a raw diet. The effect of salad is very cold.

In order to digest it, the digestive system has to work very hard. Now, after evening, when our digestive system becomes weak, the digestive juices do not secrete well. In this case, eating salad at night is just like burning wood in an extinct fire.

What will happen? Only smoke will come out. Exactly this is the reason why people who eat salad at night get gas. There is a problem of bloating.  Constipation also occurs. If you have to eat salad at night, then the first thing is that you should eat it in a very small quantity. Secondly, avoid cold-affecting vegetables such as cucumber, radish, and beetroot.

Instead, hot-affecting things such as carrots, turnips, tomatoes, and capsicum are better options. And yes, add spices like black pepper and fennel seeds to them and increase their fire so that they are digested quickly. But friends, if you want to eat vegetables at night, then the best way is to drink soups instead of salad.

They are nutritious, low in calories, and digest very easily. Tomato soup, mixed vegetable soup, bottle gourd soup, chickpea soup, moong dal soup, whatever you like, drink that soup, you will benefit a lot. Drink soup at night for a few days and see that the fat will start to decrease, the skin will glow, and when you wake up in the morning, you will feel very energetic.

To make the soup a little more filling and crunchy, you can add a little roasted butter from above. With such soup, you will also get a lot of calcium, which will strengthen the bones. Like salad, sprouts should not be eaten after evening.

Friends, it is true that sprouts are such a thing that if you make a habit of eating regularly, then you will not need any multivitamin pill. But eating at dinner can be more harmful than beneficial. That is why, according to Ayurveda, it is much more important than how healthy a food is that when and how to eat that food.

Sprouted grains are much more difficult to digest than salad, so it would be better if you eat it before four in the evening.

No. 3  is Curd

Number three is curd. Curd has powerful micronutrients such as probiotics, calcium, protein, and phosphorus.  But this does not mean that it should be eaten at any time. According to Ayurveda, curd should not be eaten at night. This is because after evening, the temperature of our body decreases.

After all, curd, which is cold and strong, if taken at dinner, it blocks the fine nerves of the body. It may happen that you eat curd at night and have a cold the next day, fever, cough, or sore throat. Constantly taking curd at night can cause sinus problems or constipation.

But if you ever have to eat curd at night, don’t forget to add black pepper to it. This will balance its negative effects to some extent. By the way, salty, spicy buttermilk is a better option than curd at night.

If you add lemon juice to lentil curry, you will get the same tangy taste for which people often use curd.

No. 2 is Fruit.

Fruits have a lot of vital energy that gives energy to our body and mind.  But not for dinner. Because they are also raw, they can rot in the stomach at night. According to Ayurveda, fruits that make cough such as banana, cold fruits such as guava, citrus fruits such as orange, and water fruits such as watermelon should not be eaten at night at all.

As you know ,  the general rule of fruits is that they should not be eaten after 5 pm. But if you have to eat fruits at night, then eat fruits of hot effects. Mango, pineapple, watermelon, litchi, papaya, date, and black grapes are some fruits that are hot and can be eaten in small quantities after sunset.

And yes, people often make the mistake of eating fruits after dinner. Considering it a sweet dish. Do not do this because it does not benefit the fruits, but the fruits rot in the stomach while eating and cause gas.

Mango is an exception that can be taken after dinner. Fruit juices are colder than fruits, so do not forget to drink them at night.

Finally, number one is heavy food.

Heavy food does not mean samosa, burger, kachori, or puri. There are some combinations of healthy foods that are difficult to digest for the digestive system. I want to talk about three such foods.  

The first is beans. Kabuli chana, black chickpeas, and kidney beans are very heavy for dinner. It would be better if you eat them for lunch.  Instead, eat lentils for dinner. Moong dal, Masoor dal, and Moth dal are good dinner foods. Khichdi, which has half rice and half moong dal, is one of the top foods for dinner.  Yes, you can eat rice at night. It would be good to add a little bay leaf and black pepper while cooking rice.

The second is eating bread and rice together.  Do you often eat bread and rice together at night? There is no problem, but it is heavy for dinner. The combination of rice and bread is recommended to gain weight because it slows down metabolism. If your belly fat is increasing, then you may be making this mistake. 

Then combining two protein-dense foods like paneer and lentils together at night also puts a lot of load on the digestive system. To recap quickly, after sunset, green vegetables, salad, sprouts, curd, fruit, fruit juice, Kabuli chana, black chickpeas, kidney beans, bread and rice together, and two protein-dense foods like paneer and lentils should not be eaten. If you want to eat green vegetables, then add 2-4 leaves to the lentils.

Drinking soup at night is much better than salad. You can drink tomato soup, mixed vegetable soup, green moong dal soup, or any other soup of your choice. At night, you can eat fruits like dates, mangoes, and pineapples in small quantities.

Remember to eat fruits before eating, not after eating.

At night, you can eat lentils like moong and masoor. Khichdi is a very healthy option for dinner.  In short, friends, our body’s digestive fire also goes down in the evening. Therefore, if we eat light at that time, we will be in advantage. If we eat heavy, then a lot of energy will be spent on the body, due to which the fat in the stomach will increase, the glow of the face will be reduced, sleep will be disturbed, and the next day will also feel tired.

Therefore, it is okay to eat something here and there during the day, but at night, take what is best for your body. If you found this article helpful, please subscribe with us.

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