5 Indian Superfoods You Must Eat

If you include these superfoods in your diet, it will have a very positive effect on your fitness goals and health. A food is called a superfood only when it has a lot of benefits, can be used in different ways and suits almost everyone. No, I am not talking about these cheap foreign foods, but our own local foods, which are easily available and are not expensive at all. Apart from weight loss, these foods will give you soft glowing skin, thick shiny hair, strong immunity and digestive system naturally. 

I will also tell you when and how to eat these foods so that you can get their full benefit.I definitely include these foods in my diet and my advice is that you should also take full advantage of them. Number 1 food is my personal favorite and maybe there is a day when I don’t eat it. Let’s start without any delay. Hello friends, welcome to Fit Tuber Hindi. Every week there is a new superfood in the market.  Avocados, Berries, Kale, Kiwi, Broccoli are some of the names that will never end in the list.

However, the 5 superfoods that I am going to talk about have really stood up to the times and have been an integral part of our Indian culture. 

Let’s start with number 5, which is banana. 

All fruits are good, but if there is any special fruit, then it is banana.Easily affordable, always available, very versatile and very nutritious banana has always been given a very special status in our culture. Banana has everything you need to recharge instantly, whether it is physically or mentally. 

Due to being a natural prebiotic, banana is very beneficial for your intestines, digestive system.Anyway, all this is fine, but doesn’t eating bananas increase weight? No, it doesn’t. Low in fats and because banana has special plant sterol which not only burns fat, but also reduces bad cholesterol. According to Ayurveda, you can use banana in both weight gain and weight loss.If you eat banana with black pepper half an hour before breakfast, then it will definitely reduce your weight. 

If you eat banana any other time in the day, then it will help you gain healthy weight. Just don’t eat bananas after sunset.Did you know that the peel of a banana, which we throw without thinking, contains 10 times more calcium than a banana? Yes, never miss it. Take a spoonful and eat it. Apart from this, raw banana vegetable, which is eaten very regularly in South India, tastes exactly like potato vegetable.

This is a very good swap option. Even banana stem vegetable is eaten in southern and eastern parts of India, which is very beneficial for health. And eating on a banana leaf is a different pleasure.Eating food on a banana leaf not only increases the value of antioxidants in your meal, but also does not spike your blood sugars. And it is eco-friendly. So did you see how versatile a banana is? It really is a superfood.

Number 4 is coconut. 

Due to the countless benefits of coconut, it has been given the status of a holy fruit. Before starting any big work, the significance of breaking a coconut, we Indians always knew that coconut gives physical strength to the body and keeps the mind calm.Heart-healthy, stomach-friendly, fat-burning and energy-giving, coconut is divine. It has always been believed so. Coconut has a special type of medium-chain fatty acids which are exactly like those found in mother’s milk.

You need better hydration than cola and sports drinks. Or you woke up in a hangover in the morning. Or you have a headache. Forget coffee, drink coconut water. Raw coconut cream is very good for the stomach. Especially if you have a problem with cups. You can eat cooked coconut as a crunchy snack. Vegetables are also added to make the heart healthy. 

Dry coconut is added to many sweets and chutneys.And it is also very filling. Coconut oil, which is used in Kerala to make food every day, surveys suggest that Keralites have the strongest hearts. Today, more than 5,000 studies are proving that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods in the world.You can do oil pulling with coconut oil, body massage, and much more.  

3. Amla 

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and other medicinal practices in Asia. Amla’s Sanskrit name Amalki means mother, nurse, and amrit is a proof of its healing power.

There is also a reason behind it that even though it is not Amla season, it is part of the diet all year round in different ways. Amla is undoubtedly the most effective immunity booster in the world. And you will agree that without good immunity, no fitness goal can be achieved.With vitamin C, brightening for the eyes, effective in reproductive problems, helpful for digestion, and with antiviral, anti-cancer properties, this Indian superfood should definitely be in your diet. 

I often take boiled Amla with meals. It tastes like pickle. Do try it.  Amla is also a very effective anti-aging food. Any symptoms of aging, such as premature white hair, hair fall, dark circles, dull skin, etc.start to go away after eating Amla. If you apply fresh Amla juice from the roots to the tip of your hair, it darkens premature white hair. That’s why everyone should include Amla in their diet.

Number 2 is Almond 

Almond is undoubtedly a superfood.  Although almond doesn’t mean long California almonds, small ones are called Gurbandi almonds. Yes, not only almonds are rich in nutrition and oil, but also your body can easily absorb nutrition from it. Almond is a great source of Omega fatty acids. It acts as a tonic for your brain and heart. Almond has a lot of vitamin E, which is used a lot in the cosmetic industry.

To take full advantage of Almond, soak 4-5 almonds in water and peel them in the morning. If you can’t digest almonds, mix 1 teaspoon of Almond Rogan Oil in lukewarm milk 30 minutes If you have any digestion related problem, body massage with Almond Rogan Oil will help you a lot. If you apply Almond Rogan Oil daily, your face will glow in a few days.Just go to the local grocery store and buy Desi Gurbandi Almonds. Now, before I reveal my top pick, let’s talk about some dishonorable mentions. 

Despite being so diverse in India’s agriculture, it’s a sad thing that we Indians, apart from our local foods, are after Avocados, Berries, Colourful Capsicum, Broccoli, and Kiwi.And we consider them as superfoods. Really, anything can be done with marketing. Of course, these foods are very healthy, but they are not superfoods for Indians. Because superfoods are always local. 

No 1 superfood is Desi Ghee 

Traditionally, it is made not with butter, but with Curd. Due to the gold mine of nutrients, high therapeutic values, internal and external uses, Ghee has always been kept at the top. But doesn’t Ghee increase weight? Doesn’t Cholesterol cause heart problems? No, not at all. This is also a result of the marketing of foreign oil companies that we have started thinking about Ghee. Ghee is the best for cooking and de-frying due to having the highest smoking point Adding Ghee on vegetables not only reduces the glycemic index of the meal, but also increases the nutrients absorption. 

Not only this, if you add 2 drops of Desi Ghee to your nose, it nourishes all the parts above the collarbone. Whatever your fitness goal is, whatever your age is, do include 2-4 teaspoons of Desi Ghee in your diet.It has a lot of benefits. While living in India, we are blessed that due to its geographical location, climate, and soil, we have got so many superfoods.

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