In this article we will tell you those 5 steps by which the heart disease can be reversed. The book in this regard “5 steps to reverse heart disease” and the book has been published in about 10 languages by SAAOL. It is a book of about 300-400 pages. Saaol is a non-profit organization focused at providing non-invasive cardiac care to patients all across the world. Dr. Bimal Chhajer (MBBS, MD) is a pioneer in the field of non-invasive cardiology. He is a lifestyle and heart care expert and is passionate to create awareness regarding heart care by appropriate nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

If you can do 5 things, then the heart disease can be reversed. What are those 5 things? The first step is diet. You have to remember 4 things in diet. There are mainly 4 things. One is to eat zero oil. In food, oil means triglycerides, its supply will be stopped from outside.

And the second is to remove animal food. In animal food, there is meat and chicken and mutton and fish. All these non-vegetarian foods should be stopped. And cream should also be removed in milk.

And the fourth thing is nuts, from which oil is made. All nuts like cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts should be stopped. And you have to take a lot of fruits and vegetables. This is diet. The second chapter is stress management.

It is very important to reduce stress. And do not think that you will reach zero stress. Bring about 50% stress. 50% means you work from morning to evening and you feel comfortable. That is 50% stress.

The third is yoga. In yoga, we have made 3 videos. We want you to do yoga for about 25 minutes. And in that, there is an exercise of 8 minutes from head to toe. There is daily yoga for heart part 1. Then there is daily yoga for heart part 2. There are 8 asanas. These are of 8 minutes each. And there is a 9-minute one in which there is pranayama and meditation.

So you must do this yoga. The fourth step is walking. I will request every heart patient to walk for at least 35 minutes every day. If you do it for 40-50 minutes, it is even better. But minimum 35 minutes to be followed.

So, 25 minutes for yoga and 35 minutes for walking must follow. So you have to spend a total of 1 hour. And the last is complete knowledge about the heart.

How is cholesterol deposited in your body? Where to get triglycerides? What food is triglycerides in? How to control blood pressure? How to control sugar? SAAOL offer this education to heart patients. This is the education in their videos on YouTube. You will definitely listen to their most popular lecture on heart disease.

You will get all the details in it. It is a video of about 1 hour and 14 minutes. And some 65 lakh people have seen it. You must watch it. You will have complete knowledge about the heart. So these 5 things are very important. You may visit the channel- Click here.

Let me remind you all the aspects discussed above one by one.

1. Diet.
2. Stress management.
3. Yoga.
4. Walking &
5. Health education.

Knowledge about heart care. And you are getting all of this free of cost. I want you to do this.

Along with this, if the cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar are not low, then may consult your doctor.

If you follow these 5 steps, then it is very difficult for the heart disease to increase. And the heart disease will start getting reversed. Along with this, we appreciate every system of Ayurveda.

We say, let’s go with what nature has given us. We don’t need bypass surgery. We don’t need angioplasty. We don’t need a pacemaker. Yes, it is possible the heart disease to be cured without surgery. You may contact the SAAOL and follow all these steps.

Remember 5 steps. And you need to spend only 1 hour. If you do this, then the heart disease will not occur.

And if it has occurred, then it will go in the reverse step. Thank you so much. Share this information with everyone.