What is Sabudana ?

Sabudana is one of the most Indian Swatwik Ahar (Pure food) and you must have heard the name of Sabudana. It is also known as Topioka, Sago, Saksak, Rabia, etc. Sabudana is an edible starch. Do you know where it comes from? It is found from the roots of a tropical palm tree.

The root of Topioka is called Kaisabha. It is under the ground and the roots are cut. It is first washed, then its outer layer is removed and then it is ground. After grinding, its water is cooled, its fiber is removed, then it is dried in the sun and its powder is made. At that time, less than 12% water remains in it. After that, it is sieved through a sieve and small seeds are found. It is of the size of a pearl. And its name is Sabudana. Its botanical name is Manihot Esculenta.

How it is Important for our Health ?

How many calories are there in it? Let me tell you. There are 358 calories in 100 grams. It means there are good calories. You will get a lot of energy in it. Carbohydrates are 88.7 grams. Protein is 1.9 grams. Moreover, there is a lot of iron and calcium in it. There is also potassium. So what are the benefits of Sabudana? The biggest benefit of Sabudana is that it has a lot of energy and it is easily metabolized. Those who are sick are given Sabudana because it metabolizes very quickly. And it is said that if you take it before exercise, it gives a lot of energy.

It also improves performance. Because its carbs give instant energy. Those who are called gluten-free, those who do not like wheat, Sabudana chapati, dosas, sweets can be given to them. It also works in celiac disease. It improves digestion. The starch in it keeps our digestive health good and when it reaches our intestines, it helps in growing bacteria. It has a lot of calcium and magnesium in it. So it increases the strength of the bones.

It is believed that if taken regularly, it prevents osteoporosis and arthritis in women. Sabudana is also very good for blood pressure. It also has potassium in it. It also reduces the chances of blood pressure control or stroke, heart attack. Sabudana does not have cholesterol in it. And it also reduces LDL cholesterol. So it is also believed to be good. It also has vitamin B12. There are B vitamins in it, which are very useful. Not only these but also it helps to stop our blockage. So if you thinking to try Sabudana, it is very good for your health. .

It also helps in anemia because it has a lot of iron in it. So those who have less blood can take some of Sabudana. If pregnant ladies take Sabudana, then the growth of children is also good, it is also believed. The main requirement in pregnancy, folic acid in it, which is vitamin B6, helps our children to grow. So how to take Sabudana? Sabudana Khichdi is very famous.

How to take Sabudana ?

Papad is made from Sabudana, Tikki is made, Kheer is made. Its roti is made and many products of Sabudana are made.

You must take Sabudana, friends. It has a little side effect. Sometimes some people have it. That is diarrhea, vomiting. And those who have liver damage, they should not eat Sabudana too much. So friends, let’s stop here today. I want to tell you that Sabudana is such a thing that is healthy for our heart. It can help in increasing our body weight. And it is a good thing from all sides.

So if you like the taste. Although I did not like this Sabudana very much. Because I remember a lot. Sabudana water was given to me when I was a child. I did not like it very much. But many people like it. I have seen such people who say that if I get Sabudana Khichdi, I will not take anything. So you must take Sabudana.