life is not what it is, but life is what we make out of it. The one thing which either we make our life or break our life is our mind. Nowadays, our minds are filled with stress, anxiety, worry, and a general feeling of negativity.

When we fill our mind with such ideas and thoughts constantly, we add layer and layer and layer with extra pressure on our mind. Think of it like an elastic band being stretched and stretched and stretched. One day it is bound to snap.

Before that happens, let’s take a mental detox. The first and foremost thing for mental detox is having a peaceful and calm mind. And what better to help you to achieve that than the yogic principle of Vihar.

Vihar is a simple concept, but like most simple things, it is a powerful one. Vihar means relaxation and recreation. See, the yogic idea of Vihar is deep rest, relaxation and reset for the mind.

This comes through conscious efforts in the activities that not only soothes, but also help the brain to develop and regenerate its neural network. So try to develop hobbies and activities that challenge your mind like dancing, singing or gardening, etc. This will help you to get out of your mental loop of thoughts and make you more centered and calm.

Over time, you may be even excited to do these things, inviting more joy and wholeness to your life. So why wait when there is so much fun in getting a mental detox? Next, try to find out 10 positive points before you sleep at night. See, when you sleep, you are slowing down the entire momentum of your day in mind.

You actually have a chance to rewrite what your brain focuses upon. So when you go to sleep, focusing on the positive things that happen to you in your day, automatically you train your mind to look positive things in your life. With such a conditioning, you will slowly see changing.  You will slowly see the entire outlook of your life changing. Next, a magic word which most of the people know is meditation. It is most ignored things for people.

Yes, meditation will do wonders for you. Still, we make a blunder of not having in our regular routines. See, when you meditate, you reprogram your mind and recharge your body at cellular level.

And if you find it too difficult to meditate or you think that you don’t have a time, try the Nishpand app. Nishpand have something for everyone. Even if you have only five minutes in a day, Nishpand will have a curated practice just for you.

Try it out because what meditation can do for you in a minute, medicine won’t do for you in ages. And finally, always believe in some power that is higher than you, that is always looking out for you. Remember that this power will never hurt you or harm you or do something that is bad for you.

If you are going through something difficult, always take it as a gift in disguise. If you have lost something, always know that you have been protected from what was never meant for you or would have harmed you. See, a lot of our worries come from the belief that we live in an uncaring cold world.

But remember, that’s not so. That is just our anxious mind talking. Remember that someone or something, whatever name you call it by, is always looking out for you.

Once you find the courage to have this kind of faith and belief, you will not need even a mental detox because your mind and heart will always have peace and joy and happiness. So remember to take care of your mind, care for it well, because how you care for it will determine how well you lived your life. So why suffer when you can thrive?