Friends, SAAOL Heart Centre, India’s leading preventive and rehabilitative Heart Care Organization keep explaining many things to our heart that there is no need to eat oil in food, no need to eat non-veg, no need to take dry fruits, no need to take cream from milk. But some people want, sir, something extra, tell something like this, something home-like which we take and help in removing that blockage. And for this, Dr. Bimal Chhajer will introduce you to a detox drink in this article.

The Detox drink as advised by Dr Bimal Chhajer is reproduced here.

This is a very successful thing and everyone can take it. I do not prefer tea or coffee. Although I have said that if you adjust milk in it, then you can take 1-2 cups of tea or coffee.

But if you want to replace tea with an acid drink, then it can be very good. And it will benefit you from the heart side, it will also reduce fat, it will reduce cholesterol, it will keep your body’s wastage right, it will also give you energy. So you can take this.

Now how do we take it? What will be its composition? I will explain to you once. And in fact, it will stop the blocked artery from increasing and also helps in reversing it. So for this, if you take it, it will be good.

Heart attack, heart failure, everyone’s patients can take it. Now what should be there in it? The first thing that should be there in it is garlic. Garlic has a little bit of allicin in it, which reduces our LDL, stops oxidization and reduces cholesterol.

That’s why it is very useful. If you want to take a small piece of garlic, break it and put it in it. And garlic also reduces blood pressure and along with blood pressure, it also improves heart disease.

The second is ginger. You have to take ginger, ginger also benefits the heart. It also relaxes the muscles of our heart, reduces blood pressure and also prevents clotting.

So that’s why we call it Cardiotonic. So you can definitely take ginger and it will benefit. And it also benefits the pumping that happens due to the calcium of our heart.

Okay, you have to take lemon with it. Lemon will complete the vitamin C of our body. And with this lemon, it also reduces cholesterol, it also reduces blood pressure.

So this will be a very beneficial thing for you. And take honey with it. Okay, there are two such compounds in lemon, which are called aspiridine and diosamine.

Both of these reduce our cholesterol. After this, you have to take cinnamon, which means cinnamon. Put a piece of cinnamon in it and you have to take it too.

And cinnamon is good for diabetes. It has been seen that it also prevents our aging. And the fifth thing in which you can add a little honey, which will give you a little sweetness in it, the taste will be good.

So you take one clove of garlic, one clove of ginger, you put half a lemon in it, and with it you gave a small piece of cinnamon and gave a little honey. And by mixing them, you make juice out of it, grate it and put it in a pan in half a cup of water. And when it boils a little, then take it out and drink its juice.

So this juice is very useful. It works as a detox. It is good for the heart.

And it clears all the impurities from the body. So try this detox drink. Add these five things.

It works wonderfully well. And it is home-made. You don’t need to buy anything from anywhere.

It can be found at everyone’s home all the time. Friends, my name is Dr. Vimal Shahjad. You know that we have left a lot of things for the heart.

We have a Punya Heart Foundation, whose aim is to make every person in India aware about the heart. And we are going to do this work in 800 Indian districts. It’s a big project.

But we want everyone to join us in this project and spread knowledge about the heart in their own area. How to cure blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, explain about it. So I will keep meeting you from time to time.

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